Welcome to the Fact Files of Unity

It may seem incredible even unbelievable that a site such as this needs to exist but we can assure you it does. In these times of not knowing where to look for facts, not media fiction, plain words, not scripted hyperbole spouted by a collective media with a corporate plan hidden from public view.

This site is made of a collective, a collective of people from all over the world, representing every race, color, and creed. We have no flags, no nation, and no skin color, we are unity.

Come and join your world family https://t.me/whiteteeshirtday

Our immediate concern is the threat that faces us all at this moment in time. A threat so deadly we need to act now or we risk losing everything our forefathers and mothers stood for; those who fell in battlefields of war who sacrificed their lives to uphold our freedoms and liberties.

While the mainstream is busy selling fiction as fact, censoring facts and replacing them with fiction, we at Unity sit without bias, without violent intentions, without any cause save for one…to stand with each other on a day in the not too distant future and say NO MORE!

No more directed energy weapons sold as 5G

No more house arrest under the guise of a pandemic

No more police-state powers that would see us fall into the abyss of darkness

No more poisoning of our bodies with chemicals via food, water, air and vaccinations

Our immediate and most compelling task at the moment is to stop the rollout of microwave energy weapons in every neighborhood, in every corner of the world. This is nothing more than a system of deadly control, from a genocidal elite who want nothing more than total obedience or your death and that of your loved ones.

We ask you as world citizens, put aside your differences, place old division created by your governments behind you and join your brothers and sisters in standing together as one human voice against this attack on our right to live free and safe.

Join us on JUNE 14TH by wearing a white tee-shirt, standing tall with NO MORE written on bold words as a peaceful defiant stance against a systematic removal of life, liberty, and freedom. Record your efforts, post your images and videos to every platform you have, spread the world with the same massage NO MORE!

7 Replies to “Welcome to the Fact Files of Unity”

  1. We all need to stand as one for our collective freedoms as our ancestors did in the the two great wars that were forced upon humanity in the name of greed and power.

  2. I just wrote a comment I thought posted but didn’t, so at moment I’m finding site a little confusing…but will come back when I have a bit more concentration. wellbeing

  3. Great video… probabbly the most compassionate and truth speech of all our history!
    Toguether, we can change this world for better! 😉
    Thanks for everything that you have been doing

  4. Your message with this website is important and needs to be publicized. But, I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying with the video. The “character” speaking in the video is in the image of a hateful and evil dictator who tried to take over the world. Was this meant to be extreme irony — what we must fight against those who are attempting to do what he and his cohorts strove to do?
    The message is powerfully stated, though.
    Thank you. Stay safe.

  5. Hi Robert!! I LOVE all your work and your fantastic sense of humor. I’m all in! I got kicked off of twitter before I even tweeted lol however I’m on insta if u could dm me so I can keep in touch? Maybe? Please? God Blesd & protect you and your daughter, loved ones. #Wwg1wga17+Worldwide friend :).

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